WV Music Law Blog: DIY Music Mogul

A welcome to another West Virginia lawyer blogger, Kevin Levine, who is blogging now at DIY Music Mogul. His blog is dedicated to assisting entrepreneurial musical artists and songwriters with timely and relevant information about music law and business.

Kevin is an entertainment and intellectual property lawyer with Kay Casto & Chaney, PLLC in Charleston, West Virginia. He is also the Executive Creative Director of Blue 11 Music Publishing, LLC, an independent music publishing company.

Today I met Kevin (via phone) as a fellow participant in the Create WV effort and learned about his blog.

Welcome to the West Virginia blogging community and great to see a music law focused blog eminating from West Virginia which has an incredibly rich music history. A history from past to present with events like Vandalia Gathering, Mountain Stage and Capitol Music Hall and people like Brad Paisley, Kathy Matea, Johnny Johnson, Little Jimmy and many others.